News Flash

June 26th 2018: MAEDA Rion's Graduation
Maeda Rion is announced to be graduating on July 22nd during KissBee One Man Live due to Basedow’s disease. Rion will be performing one song as her last stage.

After a lot of struggles and tears, it has been decided. I was able to make everyone smile and reach this far because of everyone’s support. Thank you for always supporting me. I will give my all for my first One Man as a KissBee member. I am waiting on July 22 at Shirokane Tanakawa.Maeda Rion via Twitter
Rion will be graduating on 7/22 One Man. To confess the disease name and do make a decision on graduation, I think it needed a great courage of you (Rion) to do so. Even though there are worries regarding to your condition, thank you for deciding to appear on the last stage. Please come to see Rion’s last stage.Ootawa Sakura (KissBee leader) via Twitter
Rion’s graduation has been decided. The important one from the same generation. The one who stayed by my side the most. The one who went home together with me by train everyday. I talked a lot about my troubles with her and got a lot of help from her. That Rion will be graduating on One Man. I don’t want to end it lightly.Ooe Rena (KissBee 3rd Gen) via Twitter
Rion, thank you for your hard work during these 3 years. It is really hard, but it seems even harder for Rion. But recovering from your disease is more important than anything now so please relax and have a good rest. I fought the most with Rion right? We have struggled together ever since Trainee days, I will never forget it. Thank you for everything! One Man Live will be Rion’s last stage.Tanifuji Misaki (KissBee 3rd Gen) via Twitter
Ever since I joined, senior whom I become indebted the most, whom I respect the most, whom I trust the most, whom I love the most. When I thought that I cannot stand in the same stage as her anymore, my tears could not stop falling. If Fujii gets promoted as regular member, we will be on the same stage again, but now let’s put that talk behind. Please come by all means. I love Rion so much.Fujii Yui (former KissBee ZERO) via Twitter
June 12th 2018: New Unit ΠLON Revealed

It has been announced that KissBee will create a new unit called ΠLON (read: PA-I-RON; written in latin “Phi”) that consists of four members of KissBee 6.5th Generation. ΠLON will do their first activity during June 24th KissMark. Members are revealed only by nickname in Katakana:

February 18th 2018: 2nd Album, Release Event, & Concert Announcement
It has been announced that:
  • KissBee will release their 2nd album on May 8th 2018.
  • It will consists of 5 new songs, 3 previously unreleased songs, and 2 released songs.
  • Release event for the album will be held throughout March 2018.
  • KissBee will have their own concert (One Man LIVE) on July 22nd 2018 in Shirokane Tanakawa SELENE (白金高輪SELENE).
February 16th 2018: TSUBAKI Meira's Graduation
Tsubaki Meira has announced that she will graduate from KissBee on March 11th.

Next month, I will be graduating from KissBee on 03/11 live. It has been 4 years since I have been active as 1st generation member, but this will be the last day I will be standing on stage as an idol. I will do my best to show the best performance to everyone. Please support me until the end.

… it is a decision with conscience. I will be graduating as well from UraKiss so no more Nobita! No matter how long it would take, I will do my best so that I can shine in my own place.

To say the word, I swear to death, is really hard. I have 500 regrets. Nevertheless, people who have been supporting me are my happiness. Thank you very much, for everyone that has made someone like me an idol!!!! Until the end, I am really sorry!!!!Tsubaki Meira via Twitter

February 16th 2018: MAEDA Rion's Hiatus
Maeda Rion’s physical condition is still continuing to worsen even though has been admitted to hospital before. Rion’s activity will be temporarily suspended starting from 3/11 KissMark. Health will be monitored to decide about her return.

I am sorry. Recently my condition worsened and became really hard to do performances. I am sad to see me so miserable, and seems that I trouble lot of people, I don’t want it to worsen even more if I try too hard, so I made a decision. Only this! Rion is not quitting. I will definitely be back! Please let me rest for this time being.Maeda Rion via Twitter
February 9th 2018: TAKATSUJI Chinatsu's Graduation
Takatsuji Chinatsu has announced that she will graduate from KissBee WEST on March 4th due to health reason.

As it has been officially announced, in order to focus on medical treatment, it has been decided that I will be graduating. I deeply apologize for this sudden announcement to everyone who has been waiting for my return. On 3/4, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been supporting me until now. I will be glad if I can meet everyone in the end.Takatsuji Chinatsu via Twitter