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My First KissBee Live Experience – It’s Online!

As the pandemic continues, it demands the entertainment industry to adapt with all the safety measures. Online shows and tokutenkai are becoming a trend preferred by various idol groups, including KissBee. In this post, we would like to share an experience on attending KissBee’s first online show by a fellow fan from the UK, Toby Hagen.

My KissBee Background Story

On YouTube, there is a video of a Japanese idol group performing one of their songs in front of a seated audience in a relatively small room. Around 1 minute 18 seconds into this video, there is a technical issue and the music suddenly stops. You might assume that the performers would simply stop too, wait for the music fix, and then start again. But in this video, something both unexpected and fascinating happens. Without a single moment of hesitation, the idols continue to sing and dance. The only sound you hear apart from their voices and the shuffling of their feet as they continue to perform their choreography is the audience, who begin to clap along and provide a rhythm for them to move to. After a couple of more minutes, they finish their song and the audience applauds them.

It is KissBee, a Japanese idol group. And it is this performance that turned me from being a casual listener of their music into a hard-core fan. The bravery, focus, composure, and professionalism on display from this group is really quite breathtaking. You have to respect their dedication to their craft. And this video is a shining example of why KissBee deserves certain admiration.

My First KissBee Live

Then I remembered. KissBee would be performing their first ever concert for an online-only, live-streamed audience. As with everyone else in the world during 2020, COVID-19 has been a hindrance to KissBee these last few months. This would be the first live show for KissBee in months. With one of their members recovering from surgery, another at home feeling ill, and with no human audience in attendance, you would once again be forgiven if you were to assume that they would postpone the show. But as they proved in the video I previously mentioned, the word “quit” is not in the dictionary for KissBee.

KissBee First Online Live

Though the unit of 7 was only 5 strong today, every single member had the confidence of a fearless warrior. They came to the stage today full of determination to deliver to their fiercely loyal audience, the 888.

The Show

The show opened with the intro music of URA-KiSS videos. Lights flickered and flashed with vibrant colors upon an empty stage. Then the stage plunged into darkness before white light flooded the rear wall and the huge screen above. Suddenly there they were, silhouetted on stage like frozen shadows. After that, the song ‘Just sing!‘ began, and immediately KissBee were in full effect. This song has always made my eyes water, but as this was my first ever live KissBee concert after loving them for two years now, I burst into tears. Tears of joy. Tears of pride. Happy tears that would not stop flowing for the whole song.

A Contrast

The next song, ‘Cock=a=Doodle=Doo‘, was the perfect follow up. If the previous one demonstrated the vocal talent and precise choreography of KissBee, this one is a masterclass in the comedy and genki energy of the group. For instance, the dance routine is humorous but also surprisingly complex in places. In addition, the song has a catchy chorus that you’ll be humming for days afterwards.

A Classic

The next song was a genuine surprise for me, as I had heard that they no longer performed it live. ‘Toumei na Koi no Uta‘ is almost 5 years old now, and was one of the early KissBee singles. It also happens to be their first song I ever heard. Although members have gradually changed for the most part over the years, it was wonderful to see the current members performing such a legacy title.


After this, there was a brief intermission packed full of surprises! As they waved and greeted the 888 watching online, they suddenly brought Rena on stage. It was a beautiful treat, but what she had to say was thrilling. Along with KissBee, she announced that they will release a new mini album in August! This mini album will feature remixes of yet-to-be-announced KissBee titles. A brief preview of a ‘FLIC FLAC‘ remix was played, teasing a super cool EDM sound to a track that was already a great fusion of dubstep, rap, and rock elements. A bonus track is also set to be included: the KissBee Gymnastics track.

The Show Continues

And then it was back to the music, kicking off with heavy rock anthem ‘Rolling!!!!!!‘. Usually the fans will glow their lighsticks in their oshi‘s color during the song. But today was a bit different. As the audience are home, the members were setting their lighsticks to orange. This is the color of Chihiro, who was unable to perform today. Even though they were not performing, Rena and Chihiro were very much still a part of the show.

Next up came ‘Kakedase Bravery!!, a song that is enjoyed by every member of KissBee as an opportunity to just have fun. During this performance, they left the stage and grabbed Rena who was hiding in the venue and were trading microphones while laughing and singing. It was a hilarious display of true friends just hanging out and having a great time.

As the finale, KissBee performed “Dokkin Fuwaffu~“. It fuses different genres and sounds to become its own thing.

Sweet Aftertaste

As they returned to the stage to close the show, I realized that KissBee had done a very clever thing. In just 6 songs, they had given us a perfect sampling of their diverse sound. Not only did it feature fan favorite anthems, but it also contained older material that took the group back to their roots. Plus, they gave the fans a glimpse of the exciting new sounds that await us in the future. As they bid farewells, we were able to see their individual personalities.

Seika, with her leadership and caring nature…
Misaki, with her professionalism and enthusiasm…
Yui, with her witty and playful charm…
Nonoka, with her passion and commitment…
Emarun, with her sweet and joyful energy…

KissBee after their first online live (7/5)
KissBee after performing their first online live (from Seika Nakayama’s Twitter)

Together, KissBee is all these things and so much more. They are, simply put, an incredible group. A perfect combination of legitimate and genuine talent. KissBee is considered an underground idol unit. However, their immense potential is an absolute goldmine for music fans that want to experience something that is just different enough to have their its own distinct sound.


Seeing KissBee live is like falling in love. It is an emotional roller coaster, and it is undeniably addictive. If you are in Japan and have the opportunity to see one of their concerts, I urge you to go. I promise they will not disappoint! KissBee and the 888 welcome everyone to join the party. And it is a party you do not want to miss.

Speaking personally as a fan, today was truly unforgettable. Not only was it Seika’s birthday, but I got to see people I love doing what they do best: coming together as a team, having a fun time, and rocking the house with beautiful music.

I thought that music-less performance was the most impressive thing I had ever seen of them. Their first ever live concert online has proven wrong… I have never been more proud of KissBee than I am today.


Originally written by Toby Hagen.
Edited by Eigo KissBee.

Please credit eigokissbee.net if you take reference from this article.

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