KissBee Oneman Live “MOVE!!!!!”

KissBee Oneman Live “MOVE!!!!!”


Shirokane Tanakawa SELENE B2
Mita 5-chome 2-30, Minato Ward, Tokyo Metropolis
Postal Code: 108-0073


July 22nd 2018 (Sunday)

  • 10.00AM: Pre-sales (goods + Tokuten-ken etc.) starts
  • 1.00PM: Venue opens
  • 2.00PM: LIVE starts
  • 2.00PM – 4.00PM: LIVE
  • 4.30PM – 7.00PM: Special activities (Tokuten-kai)

Participating Members/Groups

  • KissBee
    • OOTAWA Sakura
    • TANIFUJI Misaki
    • OOE Rena
    • NAKAYAMA Seika
    • ISHII Miona
  • KissBee Youth

Ticket Price

*all plus 1 drink *free for primary school students or younger

Admission Order

  1. Year-length Passport holder
  2. SS Premium ticket holder
  3. Normal Advance ticket holder
  4. Camera Space ticket holder
  5. Advance Direct Sale ticket holder
  6. D-day ticket holder

Additional Notes

Regarding tickets:

  • Since there are many types of ticket, please read carefully before buying.
  • All advance selling tickets via livepocket are in form of QR Code. Please prepare the QR Code prior entering the venue on the day as it will be required. If you cannot present the QR code, we cannot confirm your purchase, therefore entrance will be not allowed.
  • There will be d-day ticket sales, but quantity might be reduced depending on advance ticket sales condition.

Regarding Tokuten-kai:

  • Tokuten ticket (Tokuten-ken) holders can participate in Tokuten-kai after LIVE has been concluded.
  • Tokuten-ken will be sold during pre-sales on d-day and during Tokuten-kai.
  • Tokuten-ken are sold within various CD, DVD, and goods.
  • Tokuten-ken cannot be reissued, including lost or stolen tickets.
  • Tokuten-kai during ONE MAN are expected to be very crowded, so line will be immediately cut when time is up. If you are unable to use Tokuten-ken, no refund will be made.
  • Acts such as touching members during Tokuten-kai is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not ask questions that might lead to intimidation, defamation, shame, and such to the members. Staffs have the rights to withdraw you immediately on such cases.
  • Recording images, audio, or video are by all means prohibited during Tokuten-kai.

Regarding taking photos:

  • Taking photos is only allowed within Camera Space during LIVE. Taking videos is prohibited. Taking photos from outside Camera Space is prohibited.
  • Booking seat/space with luggage etc. is prohibited. Staffs have the rights to remove any unattended objects. Please note that removal time may varies. In addition, organizer/venue/performer will not take responsibility for removed or lost unattended objects.
  • Taking photos with stepladder, table, etc. is prohibited.
  • Taking photos with flash, lighting, etc. is prohibited.
  • Taking photos from low angles is prohibited.
  • Acts that may disturb other visitors, such as forcibly taking space or frequent moving with baggage, are prohibited.
  • Failing to follow the rules and/or staff’s instructions may result on being asked to leave the venue.

Other notices:

  • Acts that may disturb other visitors or cause dangers, such as excessive calls or jumping, are prohibited.
  • Bringing excessive attribute or costume that may disturb other visitors, and bringing things such as lightsticks (except official goods) are prohibited.
  • Acts such as moshing, diving, lifting, riding on barriers, etc. are prohibited.
  • The organizer will not take responsibility on accidents, such as thefts, which are caused by inability to follow mentioned rules or instructions.
  • Due to some circumstances, cancellation on event or change related to event may happen without prior notice.
  • In case of trouble, event may be cancelled due to police instructions.
  • Overnight on venue is prohibited. If participant are found staying overnight on the venue by security, organizer will not allow participant to enter the event.
  • All travel and/or accommodation expenses are not organizer’s responsibilities. There will be no refund if the event is cancelled.
  • Participants of Tokuten-kai may be subject to baggage inspection.
  • Staff may guide during event by touching participants’ shoulder and/or arms.
  • Acts such as crossing partitions or entering staff-only area are prohibited.
  • Eating and drinking during event are prohibited. Please keep your own garbage.
  • For things not stated in rules, please follow staff’s instructions.
  • Failing to follow the rules and/or staff’s instructions may result on being asked to leave the venue.

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