KissBee Awarded “Idol Next Break Award” at Yahoo! Search Award 2018

KissBee has been awarded “Idol Next Break Award” at Yahoo! Search Award 2018, which was announced Thursday, November 29 2018 during the pre-event of the said event.

KissBee at Yahoo! Search Award 2018 Pre-Event with Sebu Hiroko (Musician Next Break Award). (Courtesy of Yahoo! Japan)

Yahoo! Search Award is a yearly award ceremony held by Yahoo! Japan for parties in the entertainment industry. Winners of Yahoo! Search Award are based on Yahoo! Japan’s search data within the year. The data is visualized in a graph called “Yahoo! Trend Map”. The X axis represents “search count”, while Y axis represents “trend increase”. Overall data can be separated into four zones.

Trend map description. (Courtesy of Yahoo! Japan)
  • Orange zone is called “Potential Area”, as both the search count and trend increase are not high enough yet.
  • Red zone is called “Next Break”, the zone where KissBee won, which includes parties with lesser search count but a great jump in the trend increase, thus expected to be able to “break” the scene soon.
  • Green zone is called “Popular Area”, which includes already consistently popular parties as the trend increase is low.
  • Blue zone is called “Break Area”, as both the search count and trend increase are high, thus considered “breaking” the scene for the moment.

In the Next Break zone itself, there are three categories: Comedian, Idol, and Musician. In the Idol Next Break zone, KissBee experienced the highest trend increase, far from other competitors, with the closest one being MILCS HONMONO. Meanwhile, based on search count, PassCode and Tokimeki Sendenbu lead the race. KissBee themselves ranked 7th, behind the previously mentioned groups, plus 9nine, Hime Kyun Fruit Can, NANALAND, and Mousou Calibration – which neither of them has even half of KissBee’s trend increase.

2018 trend map within the entire idol category. (Right-click and View Image to see clearly) (Courtesy of Yahoo! Japan)

Congratulations, KissBee!


Source: Yahoo! Search Trend Map 2018

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