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Looking Back at 2018: KissBee Favorite Song Countdown! (with Videos + 日本語有り)

As the end of 2018 comes close, why don’t we have a reminiscence about it? That being said, Eigo KissBee would like to do a special countdown of personal favorite songs of KissBee which are released in 2018! Let’s reminiscence together! Or maybe for new fans, these songs could recommend a start to know KissBee better!

 First, the definition of “be released” is “to be officially released within a CD or another official release medium (music card, etc.)”. Some songs have actually been performed since years ago. This year, KissBee released one album, “Pop Honeycomb”, and one mini-album, “imaginism”, with total of 14 songs eligible to be ranked. With that being said, let’s start the countdown!

2018年がそろそろ終わるので、回想しましょう!今回、Eigo KissBeeが「2018年KissBeeリリースされた曲」のお気に入りカウントダウンをします!「リリースされた」ということは、CDでとか、M-カードでとか、リリースされた曲となります。もう2017年からパフォームされてる曲もあります。今年、KissBeeが「Pop Honeycomb」というアルバムと「imaginism」というミニアルバム(EP)をリリースしました。結合しければ、14曲がリリースしました。じゃあ、はじめましょう!

14. Kare Ki ni Hana o / 枯れ木に花を (Pop Honeycomb, 2017)

Author’s least favorite song from the entire list. Author does not get any special vibe from the song and it feels quite monotone. Seems that this is also the least performed song – the Author could not find any performance of it on YouTube.


13. OKAWARI Paradox / OKAWARIパラドクス (Pop Honeycomb)

On contrary to its rank within this list, this song seems to be quite popular within the fans. But for the Author, it feels quite monotone and really be overshadowed by similar band-ish song in Pop Honeycomb.


12. Futsuu no Onna no Ko / 普通の女の子 (Pop Honeycomb, 2017)

(Song starts at 1:37)

This song is cute, but just like its title says, it is pretty ordinary (futsuu). The Author has never seen this song live (seems that this and Kare Ki ni Hana o have not been performed for months), but from the video, the choreography seems pretty lively.


11. Re☆universe (imaginism)

It is hard for new songs to rate higher as some songs really take time to click with, and this song is no exception. This is strangely a pretty short song. The refrain is pretty powered and there is a cute break before the last refrain, but the Author still has not getting the click.


10. SEKAI color / セカイcolor (imaginism)

The Author really loves how the vocal works in this song. Each member gets equal part, thus making each of their voice can be heard clearly. It has strong and deep choreography as well. Sadly, the music is not really Author’s favorite.


9. FLIC FLAC / フリックフラック (Pop Honeycomb)

If this song just run for exactly 1 minute, Author would say that this is the best release of the year. Rena and Misaki’s parts are ultimately cool, especially given the megaphone-like effect. The music and beat are never heard from KissBee before. Sadly, parts after 1 minute mark kind of slowly turning down the hype created before.


8. Hello Hello (Pop Honeycomb)

It is surprising that this kind of song still exists in today’s KissBee. It has really feminine vibes that bring us back to earlier era of KissBee. Sweet lyrics, sweet choreography.


7. Rolling!!!!!! (Pop Honeycomb)

This song is a pretty cool band-ish song, but cannot reach higher rank as it took really long time for the Author to finally click with this song. This song is pretty fresh too; it is the first song performed by Nonoka and Yui after (being announced for) promotion, so it features a lot of their voices.


6. LOVE Sugite Shibou!! / LOVEすぎて死亡っ!!(仮) (Pop Honeycomb)

The Author thinks that this song is synonymous with Sakura. Well, she is the center. Her voice sounds so dominant in this song and the lyrics have cute-mischievous feel like her. The choreography is fun too: the zu-kyu-kyun part has members “shooting” the fans while the do-kyu-kyun part has members being “shot” by fans.


5. Adventure Jar! with Game / アドベンチャージャー! with ゲーム (Pop Honeycomb, 2017)

(Song starts at 6:55)

This is a really playful song, as Misaki described it. The piano intro seems familiar, but Author cannot remember what it sounds similar to until now. The lyrics are funny and pun-ny. Members also do a janken game during live performance, making it one of the most fun song to watch.


4. KIMIHAJI / キミハジ (Pop Honeycomb)

The song itself is pretty simple, but in no way monotone. Well, if thinking about it again, the song is pretty standard. But what makes it being rated so high is that the Author can really feel a “hard effort from the members to convey their feelings”, especially during the refrain part. Not only in recording but also during live performances, it always give a different vibe. No wonder, this song was Rena’s favorite before SEKAI color came. Oh, this is also a nice song for karaoke (available in Karaoke no Tetsujin by the time of this article). Author’s high score in this song is 94.


3. Kakedase Bravery!! / 駆け出せBravery!! (Pop Honeycomb, 2017)

(Song starts at 11:44, full song available on KissBee’s SoundCloud)

This song is probably rated so high pretty subjectively, as this song was chosen as Rion Maeda’s graduation song (until now, sometimes Author still shed some tears while hearing this song). But despite that, this song is so full of energy and positivity, creating cheerful vibes and differing it from the most releases this year. And God, the refrain is addicting.


2. Hajimari no Arch / はじまりのアーチ (imaginism)

(Song starts at 30:42)

The last song on this list to be heard by the Author which able to break straight to the (nearly) top. It’s been 3 years since their last slow ballad song release and KissBee nailed it better than ever. It has both strong points from SEKAI color and Rolling!!!!!!, which are members getting equal part, making their voices can be heard clearly, and featuring the new members well, respectively. But not just that! First, they finally include harmonization for the vocals, which is included in the latter part of the song. Second, the choreography is totally amazing and deep.


1. KIBOU NO -just one time- / キボウノ -just one time- (Pop Honeycomb)

Author thinks that this is KissBee’s pinnacle of band-ish song. Somehow, the song gives an old anime OST feels, plus time-space travel feels as referred on some parts of its lyrics and choreography (really love when they do clock-ish hand gesture). The sound effect variation is really rich in this song. Two of Author’s favorite parts of the song are the piece of sound played before the first refrain, and within the last refrain, before the music is being fully played again.


So how was the list? Does it match your preferences? Or maybe it has really contrasting rank with yours? Regardless of that, 2018 has been painted by another different color of KissBee – a deeper and more mature color. What color will be shown by KissBee in 2019? Let’s wait and see!



Source: Eigo KissBee

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