About Us / 英語キスとは?

Eigo KissBee is an account created by KissBee fan with the goal to introduce KissBee to the greater, global audience. Started as a free WordPress.com site in mid 2016, Eigo KissBee underwent a hiatus until decided to start a Twitter account in August 2017 and finally to host a dedicated website on its own in February 2018.

Eigo KissBee is being run by single non-Japanese fan who had lived in Japan for 10 months and managed to begin to know KissBee because of a unique reason: Facebook advertisement – not about KissBee, but a small, free idol event in April 2016 which KissBee was starred in. The fan began to frequently attend KissBee release events and KissMark (KissBee’s regular event). The fan acknowledge oneself as having no Oshimen but forever indebted to Nakayama Seika for her warm welcome and introduction towards the group.

This site is being run under informal approval of KissBee’s manager. Majority of contents are copyright of Kiss Bee and Kiss Bee Production Inc. If you take romanized lyrics, translated lyrics, any other translated content(s), or any of our works for your use, please credit our site (eigokissbee.net) or our Twitter (@eigokissbee).

Any inquiries, please contact admin(at)eigokissbee(dot)net (change word inside brackets with respective symbols).