Group / グループ

KissBee a.k.a URA-KiSS

Shibuya-based idol group debuted in 2014. Created YouTube channel URA-KiSS in 2017 and reached more than 1M subscribers. KissBee is led by OOTAWA Sakura and URA-KiSS is led by TAKANO Hina.
KissBee WEST

KissBee WEST is the sister group which is based in Kansai (western Japanese), Osaka to be exact. Trainees do activity under the same group. KissBee WEST is led by HIEDA Chihiro.

KissBee Youth is a unit comprised of KissBee trainees. Prior to late 2016, trainees did activity under the already disbanded unit KissBee ZERO. KissBee Youth may perform with KissBee members as substitute member. KissBee Youth is led by NANASE Rio.

ΠLON (pilon, read as pai-ron, written in Greek capital “Pi”) is a unit comprised of KissBee 6.5th Generation. ΠLON debuted during June 24th 2018’s KissMark and still considered as part of KissBee group even without KissBee on its name.